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CoverTemplates.com is a joint project between 7 different cover designers who wanted to provide a cost effective solution for authors who can’t afford professional book cover design for their books.

Can a Cover Template Really Look Original?

Absolutely, book cover templates provide a starting point for your creativity. Our cover templates have been used by major publishers for New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors. And the great thing is that by the time most people are done with a template it is unrecognizable to even us the original designers. The key advantage of using a template is that it provides a foundational structure, which is essential for those who might feel overwhelmed by the prospect of starting from a blank canvas. Templates typically include well-thought-out layouts, color schemes, and typography, which are the result of professional design expertise. This structure serves as a launching pad for creativity.

The originality comes into play when you begin customizing these templates. With the ability to change images, adjust color palettes, and experiment with various font styles and sizes, the same template can be transformed into something that looks completely different from its initial form. It's similar to how different painters might use the same canvas size and shape, yet the final artworks are distinctively unique due to the varying styles, strokes, and colors used.

We've seen over and over again that even if many people start with the same template, the final designs look vastly different. It's all about how you manipulate the elements within the template – changing background images, tweaking the layout, altering the color scheme, or even adding unique design elements.

In essence, while a template provides a structured starting point, it’s the personal touch and creative choices that inject originality into the design. The template is just a tool; the originality comes from how the author or designer uses that tool to express their vision for the book cover. This approach allows for a balance between professional design guidance and personal creative expression, leading to a book cover that is both aesthetically pleasing and original.

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